basic science

中森玲子Delivering scientific discoveries that position Lawrence Livermore researchers to solve pressing national security challenges

中森玲子Basic science is the engine that drives national security research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Funded by a broad contingent of the scientific community – including the Office of Science, academic partners and Laboratory Directed Research and Development investments – discovery science ensures that our research capabilities remain at the cutting edge and that our talented scientists and engineers are prepared to solve critical challenges across our national security missions.

DOE Office of Science Programs中森玲子 at Lawrence Livermore include the following: Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Basic Energy Sciences, Biological and Environmental Reseach, Fusion Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics.

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development program enables our scientists and engineers to pursue their most innovative new ideas by funding their research internally. These investments at LLNL are guided by a strategic plan.

Core Disciplines