Lawrence Livermore scientists and engineers publish their work in a broad range of peer-reviewed journals. The following resources chronicle their scientific exploration and discovery by highlighting these published works.


Science & Technology Review is published eight times a year to communicate, to a broad audience, the Laboratory's scientific and technological accomplishments in support of national security and other enduring national needs. 

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Scientists and engineers at LLNL publish their work in a broad range of peer-reviewed journals. Here are some recent papers featured on the covers of journals....

Annual Report

The LLNL Annual Report summarizes the major achievements across the Laboratory during the previous fiscal year.....

Library Logo

The LLNL Research Library acquires and manages collections of scientific and technical information of enduring value to the lab's research mission. Collections include resources in the physical and life sciences, engineering, technology, mathematics and some social sciences....

65 years book

LLNL 65th Anniversary Book, 2017

For 65 years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been making history and making a difference. The outstanding efforts by a dedicated workforce have led to many remarkable accomplishments.

Spotlight July 2020 cover

中森玲子The people who drive our science and technology.

Science and Technology on a Mission

中森玲子The Science and Technology on a Mission brochure summarizes the Lab's compelling mission: to strengthen our nation’s security through world-class science, technology, and engineering (ST&E).


LLNL has a vital national security mission and is tasked to tackle grand challenges that our nation faces.